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Discussions > Member Specific > New Members > Our wee Jackweiller!!

Our wee Jackweiller!!

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Hi new to this Im Donna mum to Cracker the jackweiller!! His Mum was a (large) rottweiller and his dad was a (small) jack russel!!! if you can believe it He gets his name because he was born at Christmas, he has one sister called Tinsel (she has another mum & dad) He is two and a half years old and loves nothing better than running around the garden chasing the water hose or chasing his big large yellow bucket, other than that he can usually be found lying on the back of our sofa watching the world go by!! He has a girlfriend called Misty (she is a Lasa Apso) he usually stands on his two hind feet to peer in her livingroom window, its like Romeo & Juliet! Any way I will post pics and more info soon Thanks Donna & Alan x & of course CRACKER [:)] Ps does anyone else know anyone with this kind of breed?

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Welcome to you and Cracker! He sounds very fun and amusing and like he enjoys everyday like a dog should [:D] I would love to see pics of him!
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Got some pictures of Cracker on now if anyone fancies a wee peek Donna[:)]

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