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New member- getting a Frenscher soon!

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Hey all I'm Amanda and I'm getting a Frenscher (or French Pin as it is known in the USA) soon. It is a cross between a French Bulldog and a Min Pin... She is sooo cute and I can't wait to get her :-) I told this site about her as a designer breed- I thought the name Frenscher was better than French Pin :-) I live in Germany with my husband who is in the Army (we are British) and our children. Amanda xx

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Welcome Amanda! I have added Frenscher to our list. I can't wait until you get her, I would love to see picures! Best of luck with her and keep us posted on her progress [:D]
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I know! I am so excited too. She will be my first dog, apart from a couple I looked after a few years ago... She is so cute- I can't wait to bring her home. I will add her to the site and also upload pics. I have only found this cross on one other site and it was called a French Pin but I think Frenscher sounds much better, lol [:D] I'm not ure what to call her- Elsie and Pixie are my main names but I am not convinced... A xxx

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