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Hi, I'm new to designer mixes as I've always owned dachsies. In April of this year I had my 14 year old dachsie put to sleep after a massive stroke. At that point I said I was not going to get a new dog for a while. However, after spending time in NYC on vacation and seeing all the dogs I knew I needed one. My cousin's dog had puppies back in June which were a mix of Min Pin and Pom so when I returned from vacation I reserved the last of the puppies as they were only 4 weeks old. As much as I hate to admit it the puppy is now home with me. My idiot cousin decided she didn't want them around any more so it was take her or she goes to someone else - I took her. Her name is DanielA - Danni for short. And she's the best puppy ever. She found her bark yesterday and is a playing dynamo as of this AM. My one cat won't have anything to do with her, but the other says she's OK. Sorry this is so long but I love my little girl.

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Heelo, I sorry for your lost, but i am also happy for your new baby . Give her all the love and more because from reading about your baby you have a lot of love to give.. Good Luck

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