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dogs getting along in the same house

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I have a 3 month old felmale rottweiler,and i will be getting a english mastiff in october which will be about 7 weeks old. He will be a male and that would make Mercedes around 6 months old when i get him. My question is how would i interact them together and, do you think that they would get along. I read up on the two different types of dogs. and one is going to be very active while the other is very laid back.

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As they both will be puppies when you get the 2nd one they will get along famously after a few ground rules are learned. You will have to control their interactions until the sizes are evened up which shouldn't take to long, only a matter of weeks. Both puppies will play rough at times and may cry or yelp if the other plays to rough. It will be up to you to keep things from getting out of hand if one tries to bully the other but with gentle guidance you should have two dogs that will be the best of friends. Good Luck

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