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Dyson and Ruby

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Hello I am Ally and have Ruby a 2 year old chocolate Labradoodle f1 and Dyson a 20 month old Goldendoodle. We live near the sea on the English south coast where we can be found every afternoon walking the dogs. Ruby is our first doodle and we recently got Dyson - named after the hoover, as he failed as a trainee assistance dog. He is also fab and they get on so well, it's like he's always been here.

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hello how did you get the dog to live nd play together, as for myself i have not gotten my mastiff yet, he will not be her until Oct 24, at thst time Merceds will be about 6 month and he will be around 7 or 8 weeks old
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Well, we were very lucky as Dyson was brought into the house; Ruby sniffed him, he reciprocated and that was it. She tried to "hump" him and that was it.... friends forever. They love each other; play together, sleep together and life is just great. We expected a few teething problems but have been extremely lucky. Good luck with your new furbaby xx

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