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 Location:LEE ON THE SOLENT (United Kingdom)

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Name:RubyView My Bio
Breed:LabradoodleView My Gallery
Age:15 years 7 months 14 days
Name:DysonView My Bio
Breed:GoldendoodleView My Gallery
Age:14 years 10 months 1 day

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Dyson and Ruby

Well, we were very lucky as Dyson was brought into the house; Ruby sniffed him, he reciprocated and that was it. She tried to "hump" him and that was it.... friends forever. They love each other; play together, sleep together and life is just great. We expected a few teething problems but have been extremely lucky. Good luck with your new furbaby xx

Dyson and Ruby | New Members

Posted: 8/3/2009 2:06:24 PM

UK owners of Poodle crosses

UK owners of Poodle crosses | General Discussions

Posted: 8/2/2009 2:41:02 PM

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