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Puppy Hair changing

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Are there any Chipoo owners whose puppies have had different hair patterns? Edward is 6 1/2 months old. When we got him, he had very short hair and some longer patches of hair that gave him an Einstein look. He then started to get longer hair. Now all of a sudden, it looks like he has a Mohawk with long hair up the center of his back and on his head. He looks quite cute! But, we're wondering why all of a sudden is his hair on his sides shorter again??? He has a different look everyday...just wondering if anyone else has had this.. WIll try to post a picture of his new "do"... Thanks, Linda

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Hello Linda! I am glad to hear Edward is doing well. Logan's coat has changed from when he was a puppy also. Not in length but in color and texture. When we first got him he has a fluffy black coat but as he has grown the coat has become more wiry and lighter. It is almost gray now and you can see the apricot from his apricot poodle dad on his ears and shoulder area. I am not sure about the length thing I have never seen that but as long as he is cute [:D] !! Best of Luck!

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