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Hello, I am a new member. I stumbled upon this site while trying to find pictures of the cockinese mix breed, which is a pekignese/cockerspaniel mix. I have one named Buddy. He is six months old. He is my very first dog of my own, and I love him to death. He is my little baby. Buddy is such a sweet little man. He loves to cuddle. I am so happy I got him. He is a little afraid of strangers, especially little kids. Now he loves my five year old daugther, but not any other kids. I am not sure how to break him of this. I have had him around people since he was six weeks old. Anyways all is that one day I hope to become as great of a person as Buddy thinks I am.

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Welcome to you and Buddy! The best thing to do is get him around as many calm, well-behaved children as possibly. If possible have them toss or hand feed him really yummy treats. This will help to build up a positive association in his mind with children and good things! Best of Luck[:D]
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Mili5726, you have found the perfect bunch of people here. I am so blessed to have found this site. [:)] I have a 7 1/2 month old Chipoo ( Chihuahua-Poodle mix) named Sophie and she is the love of my life. I have gotten so many answers to my many questions I have asked concerning some of my Sophies behaviors. Like your Buddy, she does not like children and I am pulling my hair out. I will be looking forward to hearing more and seeing his pictures. Welcome to you and Buddy!
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Oh he is adorable! A big welcome to you and Buddy! As for your problem, much as I hate to blame one side, that is probably the Cocker part. I own a Cocker Spaniel. He came with the name "Titan". A better name would be "Tyson" as in, Chicken. Chickenbutt is what my siblings still call him. I got him at 7 months old, and have been working with him for the last two years. He is much improved, but still avoids new people reaching for him. The treat suggestion should work, just keep repeating it even if it doesn't give any improvement at first. My mother assured me that a neighbor who kept Cockers as hunting dogs were the same way. When out in their pen they would bark and carryon like any other dog, but when inside they avoided people and would sit near their master. I used to own Pekingnese as well. Out of four, only one was a bit shy, but I don't know if that wasn't just because he came from a kennel situation as an adult. He gradually warmed up enough that he wouldn't run when reached for, though still woudn't greet strangers. You might just have to settle for being warm with known people and standoffish with strangers. Look at it as a good thing - if he ever is alone, no one can steal him from your yard. (mostly a joke! [:o)])
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I have raised cockers for 10 years & have found some do just have that personality. In my opinion it has nothing to do with the breed.Its the dog & what his personality is like. Every puppy in each litter has a different personality like people. I had a litter that all the pups loved attention except one & he was more unsure than anything. He did rescently found a home. Even though he was shy the people fell in love with him. I told them they had a a week or so of alot of work & to socialize him as much as they could. Sometimes obedience classes will help. My kids show some of our dogs in 4-H & that has helped us out as far as knowing basic training. Treats can work to. If you have any questions your welcome to contact me by e-mail or calls are welcome. Also welcome to the group.

Hi mili5726, It could be the shrill sound of the little children's voices. Dogs have very sensitive hearing and maybe you could caution them to speak softly when around him as well as giving treats. I too, am new to this site. I've really enjoyed it so far. and Good luck to you too!

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