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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Allergies or a cold??

Allergies or a cold??

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Hi, my almost 8 month old Chipoo, Sophie, seems to always have a cold. Twice I have taken her to the vet because she was coughing and the vet said her lymph nodes were swollen and had a sore throat both times. Yesterday she sneezed for 20 minutes straight. Poor little thing finally went and laid down and stayed until she quit. Anyone think this sounds like allergies? We live in the deep woods and I know I have them.

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I am so sorry to hear about Sophie. My guess would be allergies because of the time of the year and the fact that they are ongoing. Just a guess though. Fortunately our Chipoos haven't had this issue although every once in a while they will have a sneezing fit. Best of Luck!
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I just read your post. I know it was posted a few years ago but I was wondering how you made out? I now know my dog has allergies. I have found out that here are food allergies and seasonal allergies. At first we thought our dog had seasonal allergies but now know it is food related. I did allot of investigation about dog food and allergies. We are now in the process of removing all grains from her diet. She has a sensitive stomach so we need to make the change very slowly. Even with the introduction of partial grain free food we have seen a wonderful improvement. I hope that all symptoms are gone by the time she is totally on grain free food. How did you make out addressing your dogs allergies?

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