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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Ulnar Osteotomy on my puppy

Ulnar Osteotomy on my puppy

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My Ginger had her surgery on Tuesday Sept 8th. Came home on Wednesday. She is doing good. It was on her right front leg.The Ulnar and Radius was growing at different rates and the Ulnar was starting to bow. Just having a time walking. Needing to keep her down is something else for a Shih-poo. She will have the soft cast on for two weeks, stiches out and then back on with the soft cast for a few more weeks. I hope all heals well for her, since she went through so much. Update she had the cast changed 3 times since her surgery, due to the cast keeps slipping down on her tiny leg. This past week they took the stitches out and she will be going back in about a week to have it x-rayed to see how she is doing. Maybe jus two more weeks for the cast if it is healing good. Ginger and Kathy

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I am glad to hear that everything is going so well. It is so hard when our babies need TLC. Hope everything continues to go well. Keep us posted[:D]

Went back yesterday for x-rays. Looks like the cast will be on for another 4 weeks. She is not healing as well as the doctor wants her to. The ulnar is not growing back together fast enough. Poor little Ginger will be glad when the cast is off.
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aw, I hope Ginger heals a lot faster than 4 more weeks!! Poor little girl! Best wishes from Kipper and Edward!

Just a up date on Ginger. She has a limp when she walks, but is doing fine, now we have to keep her weight down which is hard to do.

Just an update on my Ginger. She will be 2 years old Feb 20th. After her surgery one 1/2 years ago she has a limp. Her right leg grows crooked, but she is not in pain, I guess in the long haul it was better she got the surgery, somettimes I wonder, because after a couple thousand dollars you want her perfect, but that did not happen. They did tell us she may be like she is but without pain for now. She is still active loves to run and play. Still acts like a puppy..

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