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My son's family adopted a 7 week old Jack Russell/Chihuha from the Animal Rescue League. Right after they got it she couldn't keep anything down and refused to eat or drink, they took her to the vet and he said that "she was just having a hard time getting use to having a family", he gave her an antibiotic but it didn't do any good. I persuaded them to take her to the Emergency Animal Clinic and they diagnosed her with Parvo, said she had about an 85% chance of survival, she lasted less than 24 hours. When my daughter in law called the vet she asked him why he didn't check her for Parvo and he told her that she was "playful and didn't have any blood in her stool". He was a little astonished that she had died from Parvo. What we want to know is how she cleans the house, she has used bleach, what about the carpet, and how long before they can take another dog into their house and does it have to be an adult or can it be a puppy? I know it will have to have had it's Parvo vaccination before they do so. Any advice?

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For carpets you should go to the vet, one you trust, and they have a solution you can buy. You can use it for everything, not just the carpets. Good luck.

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