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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Can I cover Bichon's Feet to help them heal

Can I cover Bichon's Feet to help them heal

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My little Bichon/Poodle mix has "seasonal allergies". She licks her feet til sore. Can I wrap them in vet wrap until they heal? She will even sneak into another room so I can't tell her "no" when she licks. Sometimes put her on a leash tied to kitchen chair while I fix a meal so she doesn't sneak away.[V] Don't really like to do that but even a few licks brings blood. I don't think they are still itching but i think she licks them because they are open wounds. What can I put on them to help them heal. She's on a step down prednisone now for the allergies.

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for the itchy allergy feet try Bag Balm. You can get it at most stores and rub it all over her feet. Also make sure there is not matted fur between her toes. We had a Lahasa that had that problem all the time, After you put the bag balm on try putting baby socks on her feet so she can't lick them. Good luck

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