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Hi all. I know some of us talked about our little ones eating acorns and wondering if they were toxic or not and I found out some new information. Acorns are [b][i]very[/i][/b] toxic to dogs! My vet said that they can cause serious health issues including renal failure and death!! I am really worried not cause my Chipoo, Sophie, will not stop eating them. Yesterday we were outside and I had to stop her no less than 20 times. She loves them for some reason. I try to watch here but as you know it is almost impossible to watch them 24/7. Please be careful. She seems fine, but of course since I found this out, I see all kinds of things I didn't before. [:)] So, please watch your babies and don't let them eat acorns.

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Edward will not stop eating the acorns either! AND, the other morning he vomited so much. It was foamy and I think pieces of acorn were in it. As fast as we take themfrom him, he gets another. I don't know how to keep him from eating them. I wonder if it's a Chipoo trait because I never had this problem with Kipper.

Junior, our Shih Tzu kept eating them too, they made him sick, we gave him a dropper of PeptoBismol and he was ok, he also quit eating acorns, he was foaming also. Sometimes I think that he and Schatzi (Shih Poo) are part goats. They have chewed up some strange things..................a sanitary pad, toilet tissue, sticks, paper, you name it.
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We just keep raking and raking the acorns...hopefully, they'll stop falling soon! My vet recommended Pepcid for Edward when he was sick , but don't give it without checking w/your vet first..

Our vet has us keep two things, Children's Benedryl since Junior gets to running so much and gets excited he starts wheezing and Pepto Bismol for upset stomach, so far both work on him. He is the Shih Tzu.

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