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Hi I'm New!

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Hi, My name is Holly and I recently got a new puppy, his name is Thor and he is an 8 week old ChiPoo! I love him, he is amazing. I just wanted to introduce myself, because I'm probably going to be on here a lot.

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Welcome to the club, you are going to enjoy you new puppy. as for me i have a 6 month old rottweiler,7 week old mastiff and a 2 year old Akia all of them a hand fun but i wouldnt give tem up i just got the 2 year old and i hope that he will get along with the other puppies. [:)]

Welcome, our son and family just got a ChiPoo, his name is Sprocket and he has already potty trained himself, they have had him about 3 weeks, and he was 7 weeks old when they got him, he weighs 2 pounds.
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Hi..I'm the proud Mommy of a WESTIE/POM mix,16 wks, Jessie..and a WESTIE/CAIRN Mix,Oliver, almost 3 yrs old. New Puppies are ALWAYS a wonderful reminder of WHY you enjoy the adult dogs SOO We will survive the PUPPY thing, he is moving right along in learning. At 16 weeks he's sitting for his treats, still pee's on the floor , but TREAT's he has the sitting down
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Hi Holly.. welcome to you and Thor! We have a 9 mo. old Chipoo, Edward...He's a great little dog (for the most part) and, we love him to pieces... good luck!! linda

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