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I put fronline on my dog monthly and it always seems to work pretty well. This last time I applied it, I gave him a bath about ten days later. I was sitting with him on the couch and saw a flea on him. That prompted me to look at his coat and saw he was infested. I gave him a bath and found about 30 fleas, I pulled them all off and he is fine now, but has this ever happened to anyone else using this product? I am assuming that means I should try another brand. I was shocked to see so many fleas on him, I was not sure how he was so infested, he is our only animal, and only goes outside to potty. I guess out yard is infested.

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Like any product it is not 100% reliable with every dog. I have heard of this with many other dogs. If it is a mild winter again the fleas wil be even worse next year. To help prevent and treat the fleas use a flea treatment on you floors and furniture now and treat the yard as soon as it is warm. Cedar oil and or Tea Tree oil are both good alternative for a all natural flea preveative.

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