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pomchi hair

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somebody anybody can you help? lol. my poor pomchi's hair isnt full and fluffy like a pom should be. only on some parts of her is she full. but her hair is almost stringy and course and some parts at the root is almost kinky hair. anybody else have this problem? any advice on what to do. she is almost getting flakes. and i have nooo idea what to do! i have taken her to the groomers they did nothing but brush her out. and told me she would always have flakes because she is a black dog. but gave me no advice with her dry corse coat. please help! [:(]

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Hi, You might try an oatmeal shampoo. Sophie has dry skin and our vet said to try the oatmeal and it has really helped her. I bought mine at Petsmart but I noticed Wal-Mart has it now. The vet also said to not bathe her but once a month unless we just had to for some reason. She said the bathing just makes it dryer. Hope this helps. [^]
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i know this is an old post but i thought i'd comment on it. i work as a bather at PetSmart and i dont know why someone told you that your dog would always have flakes because it is black that is bull. i have a black and white pomchi that doesnt quite have the pom hair but he has some fluff to him. i bath him once a month with a puppy shampoo or an oatmeal shampoo. your dog could have flakes from food allergies, over washing, or not getting the shampoo out completely and what you could be seeing is dried up shampoo. a lot of the time if you do not like how your dogs hair looks you can have him shaved down and sometimes the hair will grow back differently and hopefully all one length. i will not have Buster shaved down completely for winter time just because i worry about his hair growing back differently because i like his fluff but i will have it trimmed shorter that way he is not as hot. hope i helped :D
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lol i meant summer not winter haha
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I am very careful what kind of shampoo I use and how often I use it. I had a dog shower sprayer add to my laundry room sink so I can give my dog a good rinsing after using shampoo. I do not purchase one shampoo fits all. I purchase shampoo for my dogs coat type, color which is white and coat length. It cost me a little bit more but it is worth every cent. Have you found something that is working for your dog's coat?

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