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What is the best cut or way to have your Yorkie/Miniture Schnauzer mix groomed. Bella is going to be 6 months old soon and I want to have her groomed but am having a difficult time finding picture or ideas of what she would look like groomed in a perticular way. Does any one out there own a Snorkie and how do you groom your Baby?

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I have a Yorkie Poo and I know the hair is slightly softer but I always get mine a puppy cut. Are yours' ears docked? Also, it might look nice with a classic schnauzer cut. I always think those dogs look so polished. I don't know how to add a picture here so just copy and paste this link. I always google image my breed's name and print out pictures that I like to show my groomer.
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it would be ears cropped, docking is what they do to the tails. you could always get a puppy cut, can never go wrong with that. yorkies dont really have a "set" groom look like cockers and schnauzers do. since they normally get an E line done. if your dog looks more yorkie than id do a puppy cut and if it looks more schnauzer you can do the E line cut. Also if you take it into a groomer they would be more than happy to assist you in how to get it groomed. most of them have been grooming for years and have done many mixed breeds and they can tell you what would be best for your dog.
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Yes if you get a good groomer and stick with the same groomer they are great at giving you ideas and things to think about when dealing with your dogs coat and ways to maintain and healthy coat in between going to the groomer.

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