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Leash Training Help

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Ozzy our 4 month old puppy refuses to walk on a leash. We have let him run around the house with the leash attached, but as soon as you pick up the leash, he freezes. We have even tried attaching his leash to our 9 month old pup Lulu who has been good on the leash since day one. All that accomplished was having Lulu drag Ozzy around. HELP! How do I get our little guy to walk on the leash?

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Hello! You are doing the right thing by working in the house first. Try using some food rewards and luring him at first. Put the leash on him and have him next to you. Hold a treat/food out in front of him just a little and reward him when he takes a step forward to get it. Gradually work up to him taking 2 steps before rewarding, then 3, then 4, etc. He should catch on that walking gets him treats. As you get him learning to walk in the house you can eventually get him to walk around the room and then reward him. When he gets good at that take him out in the Garage and try it, then the backyard, then the front yard, then on the sidewalk by your house. You just need to take it slow and gradually take him further and further increasing the distractions. Be sure when teaching him to work with him alone without the other dog until he gets comfortable with what you are asking of him and then you can gradually ad the other one in so you can walk them together. Walking on a leash is not something that is natural to dogs at all so it is one of the hardest things to teach but patience is worth it. If you can use part of his daily food allotment when working with him that is great. Good Luck!!

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