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Help Needed! Crossbred dogs not considered notable on wikipedia

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I adopted a bunch of shichis that were being treated horribly at a local store, because they were "accidents" and the breeder only wanted "purebred" dogs. I convinced my friends to adopt some of the shichis I nursed back to health. Then, I found that I really absolutely loved the doggies very much...and I don't think that my puppy gives a damn that it's not "purebred"'s the most amazing sweet thing I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. :) Then one night, I was thinking on the grass. Isn't it amazing that a living being like myself and a living being like my doggy are alive both at the same time, in this vast universe, and that we can be friends? It made me very happy inside, but also very very very sad...because I was very sad about the mortality of my wonderful friend. So.. did something a little selfish I suppose....I created a site on wikipedia. I wanted to make a little place that myself and others could post happy gallery pictures and information about our "mutts" and share with other people, so they know that even if it's not "purebred" it's still a very wonderful have a fuzzy friend that is sweet as can be. Unfortunately, many wikipedia folks are very snobby about the puppy pages. It does not harm them, and yes I am trying to improve the pages...but they do not want "non-pure-breds" in the picture at all, and just refer to mixes as "JUST another designer dog fad"..... :( This makes me very sad. It's not "just" anything. The dog mixes I think, are very unique...and yes it is hard to classify, but I believe that they deserve to be described. A Maltipoo is very different from a Shichi. I want a place to put info about all the wonderful different types of "non-pure-bred" dogs too! Why should only purebred dogs get all the care and love? Help me, if you have a wiki account? Help the ShiChis and the Puggles and the Maltipoos? I believe wiki is an important resource for people looking for pets, and if dalmations are on there, why can't Morkies be too? They deserve a chance too! Help me, because people are being so grumpy and mean against non-pure-breds. I don't have anything against purebreds or cats or birds or any living thing justabout, I just feel that non-pure-breds deserve a chance too and should be loved too!!


I just am hoping that even long after my puppy and I are gone, that memories live on you know?... =( If you do have a wiki account you just LOG IN Click "edit" on the upper right, and post. Adding * adds the bullet dot Then add "Keep" if you wish for Wiki to keep our articles Then add the reason as to WHY they should allow "mutts" or "non-purebred" articles... MAKE SURE TO then add "~~~~" to the end to sign. I know it is a hassle... But thank you very much for your time and patience and support.
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Welcome! Yes that was why this site was started. After getting my two Chipoos I found little to no information about them out there and nothing but ridicule from purebred owners about them. I started this site as a way to get information out about both Designer and other mixed-breed dogs and give their owners a place to connect, chat, disucss, etc without feeling like outcasts. If you really want to help get the information out about these mixes I also urge to promote this site. Place links to our site when you can. Share information about it with others. We are very close to the top of the search in many Breeds/Mixes but others we are not. By promoting this site the information about such mixes will be more redily available to others! Best of luck with Wikipedia also. Thanks for joining! [:D]

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