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Adopted a Bernefie and she is great, but....

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Adopted a Bernefie and she is great, but she just seems a little stubborn sometimes compared to the other dogs that I have raised. Does anyone have suggestions?

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She knows come and sit (but likes to laydown instead). The biggests problem is she likes to use her already 3-1/2 month weight (40 lbs) to push around my older Cocker Spaniel around and I dont want to keep doing this especially when she gets over 100 lbs later in life. The other big problem we have is we keep catching her in my wife's potted plants on our deck. She likes to rip the flowers up and run with them. When we go to get them out of her mouth she runs and barks at us like we are playing a game. Other then that she is an awesome dog!!
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Welcome! She sounds like a great dog. As far as being stubborn, she may be a little but usually what we would consider stubbornness is the dog's way of telling us they are not quite sure what we are asking of them. Make sure you have clear cues for each behavior and that you practice them in all different environments starting with vitrually no distractions and then slowly increasing the amount of distraction. A distraction can be anything that the dog is interested in other that you. Another dog walking by, a bug, the grass, etc. I would also suggest moving the plants until she is a bit older. She has definitely found a game to play. She grabs a plant and you chase her. What could be more fun in her mind. Another suggestion for this would be to teach her the 'Leave It' cue, meaning something is not available for her to have. You will have to start inside with a treat or somethign that is easy for her and progress to the plants. That might help with her and the Cocker Spaniel as well. If she is being too rough you can tell her to 'leave it'. Hope this helps and best of luck!

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