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Dogs drinking urine

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Yes, this is a strange question, but my little Chipoo Logan has a thing with trying to drink while he is going. If we do stand there and tell him no he will drink. I have heard of animals doing things like this but it just seems like it is not a good thing to let him do. We have him indoor trained on a WizDog and he will even go back and lick the grate where after he is done going. I am wondering if anyone else has any experience with this and what can be done if anything needs to be done, etc. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

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Nothing is ever strange when it comes to these little male chi will go and then when he passes back by where he went, bush, tree wherever, he tries to lick it...I don't feel comfortable with him doing it so I stop him and just make it a long walk where I don't have to backtrack. I have never heard of anything that stops them from doing it...I wish I could be of more help.
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Thanks for the info. I have read that it is something that some dogs just do. It seems strange and unhealthy to me but I am sure there is some natural instinctive reason why they do it that is just beyond me. Oh well, as long as he is going in the right spot and healthy I won't worry too much about it. Thanks! [:D]
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Does anyone know why my dog rolls in her own poop? It is getting to be more often and I have to bath her sometimes twice a week. She has been spade. She is a mixed schn-tzu. If you know what I can do please help? Sugar's Mom
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Why does my dog cry when certain songs play on T V commercials? Is it hurting her ears? Is it a memory of her past before we rescued her? If you have ever heard of this before please contact me? Thanks, Sugars Mom

Feed the dogs fresh pineapple...

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