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hello, im new to the forums and i have a mini schnauzer/dachshund. i was wondering if anyone could help me out with her, she seems to get really mad when im gone from the house for more than a cple hours and she will eat everything just totally destroy it! i have come home everyday this week and she has eaten 3 books plus kids toys, shoes, whatever she can find she will destroy. i love my dog but i want her to stop tearing up everything when i leave the house. i have tried shutting all the bedroom doors,and picking everything up before i leave but she still seems to find something to tear up.

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Hello Tucker & Welcome! How old is she? I am guessing that she is still a puppy (under 2 years of age). It is very common for puppies to chew and get into things when they are unsupervised. There are a few reasons why... Boredom and lack of exercise are the biggest reasons dogs get into things. If they do not get enough exercise (depends on the dog) they are not tired enough to sleep while you are gone and hence get bored and find ways to entertain themselves, usually none of which are appropriate. There are a few things you can try to help. 1. If possible take her for a long walk before you leave or play a good game of fetch to tire her out. 2. Crate-train her. Crates if used properly are a great tool and keep dogs from getting into trouble or hurting themselves. Imagine what would happen if she finds an electrical cord to chew on when you are gone... Most dogs if trained early learn to love their crate and go in and out of it freely at other times. 3. Give her lots of appropriate toys to chew on. Stuffed Kongs (KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Large, Black) are a great way to have them pass the time. You can stuff them with all sorts of things and then freeze them which takes the dog longer to get the contents out. 4. Get a dog walker if possible to let her out throughout the day if you are gone long hours. This breaks up the day and gets her some exercise. I would recommend a combination of more exercise and crate-training. Chewing is one of the most difficult things and needs to be gotten under control while they are still young. Hope this helps!! We would all love to see photos of her also [:D]
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thank you very much =) yep she is still a pup, not even a year old yet, i am looking into buying a crate for her also, we take her on walks in the mornings and afternoons and my kids just wear her out lol, she just loves everyone, but hates to be alone. i do have a pic of her i just took , its just figuring out how to post it [:D]

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