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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Warning about topical flea & tick medication!!!

Warning about topical flea & tick medication!!!

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If you have a small dog, PLEASE be careful of the over-the-counter topical flea & tick meds that you put on the dog's back. I used one a month ago and my Pom/Chi started having seizures within an hour. Between emergency vet visit and two trips to my own vet and multiple meds, it cost over $500 and I almost had to have her euthanized. But luckily, at the last minute, she began to respond to anti-convulsant medication and now she's doing better, but will probably have to be on this med the rest of her life due to neurological damage. These flea treatments may be okay for bigger dogs, but the EPA has had LOTS of complaints about seizures and deaths in small dogs and in cats. Be careful!

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i have always used over the counter flea meds with my little dogs and have NEVER had an issue. yes you can have problems if you do not get the right weight and end up OVERDOSING your dog. flea meds are a poison and if you apply the wrong dosage then yes it can cause problems. NEVER EVER use the brand HARTZ there have been many deaths associated with that brand of flea treatment, it is super cheap so people buy it cuz they dont want to spend much on their dog which in turn they end up doing at the vet anyways. You can use over the counter Frontline, Advantage, and Advantix without an issue its the ones like Bio Spot, Hartz and other brands that cause the issue. I am sorry you had that problem with your dog.
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I guess I am just a 'big afraidy cat' but I always take my dogs to the Vet when it comes to all that kind of stuff. My dogs get a top to bottom health dog check up yearly at the Vet and this is when I get my years supply of Flea and Tick Medication along with Heartworm Medication and a few other things, and all the immunizations and other protections she needs to be safe especially with my dog competing agility and doing Superdog Shows.

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