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jealous Chipoo

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Has anyone had an experience where the dog is jealous of a boyfriend/girlfriend? My daughter's (boy)friend has come to the house a couple of times. Each time, Edward (chipoo) barks and whines the entire time he is there. We tried having him give edward treats, but, he wouldn't take it. If the boy is sitting too close to my daughter, Edward barks at him! (good boy, Edward!!) Not really, it is very annoying to everyone. Any suggestions? We've put him in his crate and he just barks more....

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From what you have written it sounds like Edward is quite unsure about the new boyfriend. Does he do this will all guests or just this one? You have the right idea about having him feed Edward treats. Edward need to learn that this person brings good things and he doesn't need to be afraid of or bark at him. If he wont take the treats, try something better like small pieces of hot dog or chicken. If a dog is too worried or stressed about something it is hard for them to eat but something better may work. If Edward like to play with toys and you think it would be safe and you don't think Edward would bite him, try having him play with a toy with Edward. If a dog really like to play this can help a lot. Hope this helps and best of luck!!!

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