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Proud mom to a Pom-Chi

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[font=Century Gothic]Hi All. I just discovered this site. I love that there is a site for mixed breed dogs! I have a two year old pom-chi (Chiranian). She is quite different in appearance from most that I've seen, she is black and gray in coloring. You notice the chi when she is all wet, way too cute. I look forward to learning more about mixed breed dogs and the people who love them. Kind Regards, Brittany and Rosie[/font=Century Gothic]

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Welcome.. I agree about this site. I have learned a lot here. My pmchi is a 2 yr old boy. I have a picture of him on my profile. [:D] Rusty started having seizures, the doc said it is genetic due to the chihuahua in him.. I hope the medicine will work.
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i have a chiranian too! he is black and white with a little white heart on his tummy! i would love to see pictures of your chiranian!
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Very Nice! I checked out all your posted pictures. Fabulous looking dogs. I am relatively new to this site but have learned much, received great information in helping make informed decisions for my dog. I must confess I am all about dogs, being well care for, getting lots of exercise, and being a full member of a family. Yes my girl is spoiled and I am very proud of it.

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