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Tired of Cleaning

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When we got our little Chizer (Dixie), she would do her business on puppy pads. Then, we started training her to go out to the patio. She was doing good. We had to take her on a home and we had horrible rains for about a week. She started doing her business in the house....we would put her out, she would wait until she came in to pee or poop. When she was doing so good, we told her how good she was, etc. Now, she will not use the puppy pads and goes outside, only to come back in to do her business. It's like she has everything backwards....I love her so much, but it's getting so old cleaning the pee & poop up all the time and it's carpet to beat it all.[V] Dixie is almost 7 months old. Little bitty little girl! : ) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I had the same problem with one of my dogs until I started to treat train him. I would take him outside and immediately when he went pee or poop I would reward him with a treat. Most dogs are food driven so it didn't take long before he was wanting to go outside to do his business because he knew he was going to get a treat. I have a young puppy now (5 months) and she is almost completely house trained with the same procedure. She would come looking for a treat when she pottied in the house, but none came so she decided it was better to go outside and get treated. I know it is hard when it is raining, neither of mine like it, but now they will go out out even in the rain when I tell them to. You are not suppose to give them a treat when they come back in, but when it is raining and I don't even want to go out, I will give them a treat as soon as they come back through the dog door. See if that will work for you. I have a dog door in my wall and I also used one of those patio door dog doors when they were little. I fenced off my kitchen area where the dog door is so they had limited access to the house and they understood what they were suppose to do. Because the puppy is still young and teething I don't want to come home to chewed furniture or other things that are left out. Hope this helps.
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You should go back to potty training 101. The best way to potty train a puppy is to confine them to an area such as a crate, kitchen or small room (with easily cleanable flooring) unless you can keep your eye on them. Each time they potty in the house it makes it harder to train them. You have to make sure you use a strong enzymatic cleaner to get all the smell out or they will continue to go in the same locations because they can smell the remnants. If you can watch her keep her in her 'safe-area', take her out on a schedule, especially after eating, drinking, playing, or waking up even from a nap. Reward her HIGHLY for going outside. Interrupt her if you see her START to go in the house, scoop her up and take her outside. Don't scare her for going in the house, just a clap of the hands and a quick 'no' will do. Then rush her outside and wait for her to finish. The key to potty training is to PREVENT mistakes!! Best of luck!
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Thanks for all the information. I will try all of these tips and see what happens. Today, I am doing carpet....I clean after each accident, today will be to try and rid everything of the odor. Again Thanks so much. I love this site. Suzie

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