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please need some advice

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helo, im new here,we had a new family member he's yockho...playful puppy...but i had some problem, now he is 2 months old puppy he only drunk a few milk for now..i buy puppy food he never want to eat...please someone could help me to feed my loving yockho? could someone tell me what a bullweiler wanted to eat?

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I tried to get my young puppy to eat kibble puppy food but it was too big for her so I resorted to canned food. It is actually better for your dogs in the long run. It has more moisture in it and is easier for them to chew and is much more enjoyable for them. I would try it just to get him to eat. You can also try cat food which is more flavorful and fragrant which makes they want to eat. I read all of these suggestions in a dog book that I have.
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You can also try softening their kibble with a little warm water. Put the food in a bowl and poor a little warm water on it and let it sit for a few minutes. It brings out the smell in the food and can make it more enticing. As mary said canned food (depending on the brand) is actually fresher and 'healthier' for them. I actually home prepare my dogs meals and they LOVE it!!

If they will not eat dry food try this sprinkle a dab of parmesan cheese on it. This is the only way my 2 year old Shih Poo will eat her dry food... snaks raw carrots and veggies. Dried pineapples and bananas.

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