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[b]OK.. so we noticed that Poppy had dandruff and was going a bit thin on the hair, so we took her to the vets and he said she had sarcoptic mange... didnt like the idea but was understandable as she spends alot of time rolling around in the medow! He prescribed her with 3 treatments of advocate and gave her some antibiotics (costing just under £100![|)]), she had 2 treatments and got much better but then all of a sudden seemed to be get worse! So i took her back this morning and explained so he decided to do a skin scraping, he left me standing there for a while, so he could look under his microscope. Eventually come back and told me it was demodex mange, that its heridtry (from her mother) and means her immune system is basicly non existant [:(!] !!!! My poor baby [V] Im picking up some treatment for her wich will hopefully kill of some of the mites, but i feel so bad for her having to have this! What i really want to know is can i take any action against the breeder i got her from??!! It appauling that someone would breed thier bitch knowing her cute innocent little puppies were going suffer! Any advice would be A* [/b]

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you can only do something to the breeder if you had a health contract. my pineranian has demodectic mange as well but i use apple cider vinegar on her kibble and it helps a whole lot (its a natural antibiotic) demodex doesnt spread to other dogs so thats good. it usually flares up in times of stress so if you keep your pup out of stressful situation the flare ups should be kept down a bit.
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Hi, Thanks for the advice.. I dont have any contract with her breeder, but starting to wish i had as things are getting alot worse! Shes been on a course of ivermectin wich made no improvement, so i spoke to one of the vets and because i have children he refused the dip they use, and told me euthanizing was the only option, so i booked her in begrudginly and helped my boys come to terms with it etc.. when i arrived there we saw a differant vet, and he was so cross with the reason we were there, he actually asked me if we had given up... would never give up on her.. shes like one of my kids! He then told me there is one more thing they can try.. so shes now on 2 strong antibiotics ever evening and 1.8ml of ivermectin straight down the throat instead of 0.9ml on her food, he has said if this doesnt work then we will have to look at putting her down.. but im glad that his willing to fight for her with us because to be honest i think shes giving up [V]
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It is a rare dog that needs euthanising from Demodex unless it suffers from prolonged untreated infections. One Ivermectin your dog should still be getting skin scrapings and requiring medicated baths to help the skin heal. Looking into the diet as well should ensure ther is no underlying food allergy issues that could contribute as well.
Demodex could be from the mother or father. Majority of dogs will carry the Demodex mite, its the fact they suffer a poor immune system from bad breeding practices that the pups will develop it. Some dogs eventually grow out of it as well with sexual maturity.

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