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Daug training

you have to treat her like a puppy again. In all probability she never was taught propery in the first place. Contain her in a pen if you cannot watch her like a hawk and take her outside regularly, praising her for going outside. Clean any spots inside with an enzyme based cleaner so she is not attracted back there and just keep practising!
I find Dashchunds to be extremely clean dogs, your problems stem from upbringing not from breed.

Daug training | Behavior

Posted: 5/10/2011 8:13:29 AM


What age did you get the pup at? Pups need to learn a concept called 'Bite inhibition' as in biting is a big no no. Most pups brought home before 8-9 weeks of age I have trained have not learned this concept at all.
I find the most effective way to deal with it is when your pup grabs your hand, slip your thumb under the tongue and gently apply enough pressure to make it uncomfortable. Your pups will in all probability throw a tantrum through frustration NOT through pain (remember how hard they bite you?) You say nothing while you do it. Offer your hand again if they do not bite quietly praise the dog and dont let play get too far.
As for growling while latched onto you, scruff them and give a loud growl then walk off. Pups learn faster when you treat them like another dog would, not a furry person. Remember always provide the alternative desired behaviour and reward heavily for good work, no matter how small or how often when they're puppies.

Biting!! | Behavior

Posted: 5/10/2011 8:10:27 AM


It is a rare dog that needs euthanising from Demodex unless it suffers from prolonged untreated infections. One Ivermectin your dog should still be getting skin scrapings and requiring medicated baths to help the skin heal. Looking into the diet as well should ensure ther is no underlying food allergy issues that could contribute as well.
Demodex could be from the mother or father. Majority of dogs will carry the Demodex mite, its the fact they suffer a poor immune system from bad breeding practices that the pups will develop it. Some dogs eventually grow out of it as well with sexual maturity.

DEMODEX!!!! | Health Concerns

Posted: 5/10/2011 7:57:13 AM

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