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Discussions > General Topics > Q & A > ChiPin house training?

ChiPin house training?

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We recently received a year old ChiPin and were told that it was house trained. Problem is, I don't think he is because he shakes and pees when you try to bring him outside to do his business. It's getting a little aggravating to have to clean up all the time, he's brought outside at least 10-15 times a day and walked around and played with. We've tried doing the treat thing, only for him to be good for a day and go right back to doing the same thing the next. The people that rescued him said he was hit by a car and checked out by a vet and released with a clean bill of health in writing. Does anybody have any suggestions that we haven't tried yet that might work, or is there some kind of trick to this style of mixed breed? Thanks for any suggestions.


I would go back to basic house training.  Most dogs have one or two regular BMs a day, usualy 15 - 30 mins after eating.  After every meal, take him outside to his spot for a few minutes only.  If he goes, lots of praise and a short (or long!) walk or play time immediately.  If he doesn't, take him inside and put him in his crate (with a toy) for 15 mintues  - then take him out again for another chance.  No potty, back in crate.   Keep this up till he goes, then praise and reward - food, play or walk.  This may take a looong time te first few times.  Eventually he will learn that the faster he goes, the faster he gets freedom and gets to play.

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