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Daug training

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We rescued a daug (Peiner we call her) named Giddgy last summer, we are her fourth home and want to be her forever home. We are having a really hard time with house breaking and chewing with her though. She turned one in October, (we got her in August). I have two pure bred pugs and don't know a lot about dachshunds so I am trying to find some good resources on how to get this down. My pugs were both super easy to train so I am thinking this is the doxie in her? Any thoughts?

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We have Wabbit, a rescued Chi-weenie. This is our second week with her. She still runs off & poops in the back of the house. We want to train her to use a doggy litter box, as well as go outside. Wish us luck. Kathryn
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I wish you TONS of luck...I wish someone would respond with some thoughts on trainer our peiner. [:(]Just treating her like a pup for now i guess
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you have to treat her like a puppy again. In all probability she never was taught propery in the first place. Contain her in a pen if you cannot watch her like a hawk and take her outside regularly, praising her for going outside. Clean any spots inside with an enzyme based cleaner so she is not attracted back there and just keep practising!
I find Dashchunds to be extremely clean dogs, your problems stem from upbringing not from breed.

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