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I have a little 7 mo. old Cock-a-tzu who is having a horrible time with matting in his hair. It doesn't matter how often I brush Tuffy, they seem to come right back. Should I cut his hair? I am afraid to do that because he had GORGEOUS black/ tan brindle hair and I don't want him to lose that! Any suggestions?

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your dog will not lose the color of his hair if shaved but he will not have the pretty patters in his fur once shaved. you need to find the right kind of brush for your dog. if it is only brushing the top coat you are doing nothing for the undercoat (where the matting happens) what kind of brush or comb do you use? also if your dog is matted DO NOT bathe him it will only make it worse! for the matts he has now you need to get a dematting comb. if you have questions you can go into your local pet store (if they have a groomer) and they will be glad to help you find the right tools for grooming your little pup!
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I have a dog with a medium length white coat and I brush her every day so I do not get matting. My dog actually loves to get brushed and if I forget to brush her she reminds me. The brush you use is very important especially to get right down to the undercoat. I had to go through a few brushes until I found one that works on my dogs type and length of coat. What works for one may not work for another dog's coat. 

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