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Pro Grooming

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I have always wondered how the professional groomers treat my dogs while they are being groomed. I had a friend, who sent her dog to the groomer, and when she got to the groomers to pick her dog up, she could hear her dog crying and squealing. Then she heard the groomer cussing her dog out. My friend knew something was wrong. So she ran to the back of the shop to get her dog immediately. She said blood was everywhere and that she had cut two of his toenails completely off, and then three of them were cut down lower than the quick. Her dog was in major pain, and the groomer told my friend that it wasn't her fault, it was Derby's (her dog) My friend got so mad at that groomer and never went back. What happened was, she rushed him to the vet, and he had to have surgery and they had to fix everything. They glued some of his nails so they would stop bleeding. At first the groomer refused to pay for Derby's vet bills (she was the owner) My friend said that if she didn't pay for the vet bill, she was going to sue her. So regretfully, she payed. But I would be really scared that something like that would happen to my dog. Her dog is now scared of being touched on the paw. He wont let you do anything to it. he is traumatized. That's why I do grooming at home. Has something like that ever happened to you ?

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i work for PetSmart grooming and I can assure you nothing like this happens with us! yes a dog will get quicked once in awhile, it happens, but nothing major. All our dogs are provided with fresh water and sometimes if they are scared or little we give them a clean towel to lay in and get comfy. some places are pretty bad tho. i used to work for Petco and we had a groomer there that was constantly cutting dogs (on accident of course, it does happen) but the fact they never fired her after getting sued multiple times because she has either, knicked a dog with her scissors, cut the tip of an ear off, cut the dogs tongue.....i mean come on now, something should have been done about it with the first accident. im sorry that dog got so traumatized but i must say that things do happen when it comes to grooming, dogs thrash when they dont like their feet being shaved or their faces being touched so they jerk and something slips, it happens, sad but true. what happened to your friends dog is beyond crazy. no one should yell at a dog and the quicks should not have been cut back so short or not even at all. i am sorry she had such a bad experience. hope the dog is doing much better and hopefully she found a good groomer.
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I do my own dogs grooming and I do not even have to tether her she just stands while I do the work. I talk to her the whole time and she always get a nice treat when I am done. If I forget about the treat she is very skilled at reminding me. My dog gets a very full woolly coat for the winter it is just beautiful but in the spring it gets shed. Is it true that you can get a bath and combing our of the shedding coat for your dog done in the spring at the groomers that will take most of the shedding hair out?
I think I do my own grooming because I have heard of story like Hannah32198 posted and I am afraid to take a chance. 
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Also dont be affraid to ask questions when you go in. Let them know you have had a bad experience before and that you are just taking a little more precautions this time and try ask "which groomer gets the most request dogs" you know that if a groomer has a lot of people constantly requesting them to groom their dog that they had a great experience and the pet came home safe and sound. like at my salon there is a groomer who has been grooming for 18 years and she is ALWAYS booked with request dogs and her clients treat her amazing too. They love her work so much and she is so great with the dogs that one lady bought her a coach purse for christmas! so dont be afraid to ask questions when you go in, a groomer who never has a request dog is a sign to not use them, theres a reason they dont get requested again. hope this helps :D
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I do 95% of all my dogs grooming but I do have 1 groomer that I can use. She is the only one I will use. Khia knows her and really likes her. Whenever Khia sees her she is all excited and happy. This tells me that my dog had a good experience and no problem with the grooming experience. She always listens to what I want, will make suggestions and give ideas but in the end it is always my decision what will be done.

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