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breed info required

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Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of the Ba-Shar hybrid? I have seen some pics and really like the look of them but cannot find any real information on them.

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It is often hard to provide real info on a mix because they are all so different. Depending on the quality of the parents and how strong their genetics are puppies form the same litter may behave and look totally different. The best thing to do is look at the parents and their personalities. However, weird things can and do happen with designer dogs. My dogs parents were both small, under 10 lbs and my dog is around 20 lbs. His color and markings look nothing like his parents but he looks exactly like his only sibling. Hope that helps
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are these dogs advertised on pets4homes for a stupidly high price?  I can not be sure but I think the people 'breeding' them may be the same people who advertised the so called gaefelgi mastiff, stating it was a very rare welsh mastiff breed , there is no such thing as the welsh mastiff, not that I could find in any research anyway, I don't want to sound cynical but if they are the same advertisers that I am thinking of they appear to mix many dogs, give them a fancy breed name and try to make as much money as possible.

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