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Health issues for POOTALIANS

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Have year-old female Pootalian named Black Cloud.  She will aperiodically breathe with a deep rasp / cough for about 10-15 secs, then return to whatever she was doing.  Don't believe that it is kennel cough.  The cough does not follow eating / exercise.  Any thoughts on this, and health issues for Pootalians in general?

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i was going to ask if it sounded like the dog was snorting in a way. does your dog tense up when this happens? it could be a reverse sneeze which happens periodically and only for a minute or so. You can look up a reverse sneeze on youtube to hear what it sounds like to see if this is what your dog is doing. It can happen when a dog gets excited, stressed, or eats too fast. Usually when this happens with my Pinneranian I will plug her nose and force the air through her mouth which helps a lot. Now whenever it happens she comes running to me to fix it lol
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This is the first time I have heard about reverse sneeze and I did what was suggested and checked it out and watched a few you tube movies. I am glad I know what it is now and am sure if my dog does have a reverse sneeze I will be nervous but at least know what to do. Thank you for sharing this information. 

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