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Ok I have a huge problem.  My little male cockinese (cocker spaniel, pekingese mix) is very aggressive towards strangers and children.  We have had a couple of children get bit, and they don't get bit because they try to touch him he chases after them and bites.  We had a little girl come to the door and my husband opened the door and Buddy came running in between his legs and bit the little girl.  Now when adults come over he barks at them aggressively but if they acknowledge him he will calm down.  He is great with my daughter. She is seven and he loves her to death.  He is like jeckle and hyde.  He is the sweetest little boy in the world towards his people and other dogs, but let a strange child come around and his evil side comes out.  When he gets in that state I can't do anything to make him stop.  His jaw starts chattering and his is uncontrollable.  By the way we have learned our lesson.  If there is a kid around he is put up in his crate, so we do not have any more situations.  Help I need advice????

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Dealing with that type of aggression can be very difficuly. You have to be able to manage him very well, meaning when strangers, especially kids come over, he needs to be confined to a safe area for both him and your guests. Along with that you can begin to desentize and counter-condition him to the things that he gives this response. Read our article on Dog Learning Theory for some examples. At this point I strongly recommend finding a Positive Reinforcement trainer in your area to help you work with him.

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