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Feeding problems

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Hello I just got my dog named lucas about two weeks ago everythings fine except for the feeding hes not eating,the family that had him gave me his food and said he didn't eat much but with me he doesnt want to eat at all I also tried wet food and he doesnt want it what can I do Im really concerned.

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Hello Michelle,
I am very sorry to hear about Lucas not eating. Have you taken him to the vet to make sure everything is okay. Lack of appitite can be a sign of underlying health problems. It could also be the stress of moving houses but you said he wasn't eathing much before either. Have you tried cooking him some food. My dogs get primarily a home cooked diet. You could try baked chicken, boiled hamburger or turkey burger, rice, veggies (except onions), etc. See if he eats that. I do have to caution you from switching to a home-cooked only diet without doing some research and buying some supplements (expeically calcium) but a few meals here and there to see if he will eat it would be fine.
I am curious to know how it goes. Keep us posted!!

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