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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Papeagle With Flea Allergy Please Help

Papeagle With Flea Allergy Please Help

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i have a 1,5 year old Papeagle with a severe flea allergy. I tried Frontline and the cheaper Pet Armor Version, wont work at all, it looks like this year the fleas are worse than last year. I used Advantage which works a bit better i believe but still it's annoying. It was so bad the vet gave him a Depo Medrol shot to stop the itching. He recommended Salmon Oil Capsules, which he gets now once a day, i also added the Missing Link food supply which supports healthy skin too. The vet told me to give him 5mg Zyrtec a day which i did for 2 weeks but honestly it didn't help at all so i stopped it. I don't want to give him Benadryl because he gets very lethargic and is very tired all day. I am not a big fan of poisoning my dog constantly with all those medicaments since he is also on heartworm prevention (Interceptor) since he was a puppy (not even sure if that's necessary!). And i brush him once a day as well. I also tried anti-itching spray which tastes bad but didn't do the job too, he just licks it off.. Right now i use the flea comb twice a day and use Bag Balm for the areas he bites off his fur (especially base of his tail and inner legs area), it seems to help a bit but i wish i could do more. He is doing that sofa sliding thing all the time, seems like his back is itching like crazy.  I've heard the allergy shots aren't so great for the organs, especially liver, my vet told me it's an emergency solution only. I am only allowed to bath him a few times a year because it dries out the skin, when i do, i use a medical dry skin/anti itching shampoo and conditioner. Since only one flea is enough to start the whole allergy, i am kinda lost and appreciate any kind of help :) Thank you in advance.

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try adding a tad bit of salt to your dogs shampoo. i recommend adding it to a oatmeal shampoo that way you get the hydrating effects of the oatmeal and the killing effect of the salt. it works amazing at killing fleas :D you can also use a tad bit of garlic or buy garlic pills from the pet store it is great at warding off fleas and ticks :D hope i helped
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You sound very concerned about this problem.  Whenever I have a concern I always turn to my dogs Vet. I know there are lots of people willing to help and give you suggestions  that have worked for them or may work for your dog but trust me allergies are very challenging to deal with. My dog has allergies and with my Vet's support and some great direction an choices they have been addressed for me and my dog.
Would like to hear how things are going and what you have done to address your dogs problem?
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flea dermatitis can be a real pain. you have to treat your house and your yard otherwise the problem will NEVER go away. you can take him in for a flea dip or use ADAMS PLUS flea and tick shampoo it is 20 bucks at petco but is AMAZING! works in 5 minutes. i recommend that product to everyone even though my pet store does not sell it. also DAWN dish shoap (the blue one) is great at killing fleas and doesnt come with all the harsh chemicals that flea and tick shampoos do.
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I really feel for people who have problems with fleas. I have never had this problem and I hope I never do. I am going to keep the ideas a suggestions posted here in the back of my mind so if I do I can get on the problem right away. I am glad there are other products that are not all chemical bases.

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