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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Papeagle with Anal Glands issues

Papeagle with Anal Glands issues

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Hello everyone,
not such a nice topic but i thought i give it a try. My Papeagle Charlie started "leaking" once last year and my vet told me the anal glands are full and she needs to empty them. So far so good. When he gets excited he leaks, not much and not always. Sometimes there are several months and nothing happens. When it starts again he doesn't rub his rear end all over the floor, he just leaks. He looks very unhappy then. When i wait too long to take him to the vet he even starts vomiting, which can happen my vet said, because the dog doesn't feel comfortable at all. I did some online research and people talked about a higher fiber dog food. I tried that, didn't work. Is there anything i can do or do i have to live with going to the vet every 2 weeks now to get his  anal glands checked out? Last time it happened, as usual, it was weekend so there was no way to see the vet, i went to Petco to get it done there (i asked if there is someone who knows what to do and how to do it!), bad choice. The next day Charlie had bloody stool and i freaked out, i didn't know whats going on. Something went wrong i guess. I know groomers do that procedure only external, the vet does it external and internal which is way more effective. 

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sounds like your dog has an overactive gland. he could have an allergy that is affecting his anal glands to over produce waste. What type of food have you used. I know that some people are told to use bran or psyllium for these problems but all that does is produce huge soft poop.

Have you tried raw meaty bones? From asking others in the raw feeding community it seems that this is the most successful treatment. As the waste is firmer (though much smaller) the dog needs to push it out which clears the ducts naturally (sorry for the details but we are talking poop here!!)

The usual ratio to feed is about 70-80% raw meat, 10-15% edible bone and 10-15% offal over the course of a week. If the glands become full, just feed quite bony meals for a few days. Raw drumsticks or chicken quarters are good as they are quite bony. This should help to clear them out again.
have you also tried canned pumpkin? your dog also could have an abcessed anal gland that may need surgery.
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The only known allergy so far is a flea allergy. I tried to research online what i can do or if there is something i can do. I was reading about the pumpkin and tried it. Didn't help. I tried higher fiber dry food, didn't work as well. I am feeding Flint River Ranch dry food (holistic) for a long time now. It's weird talking about poop but that's what it is right now LOL his poop is perfect with that food. The whole problem started when he was not even a year old, but it just happened when he was scared or worried or excited. Sometimes it's good for 4 weeks, sometimes we have to get it done sooner, but usually it's about 4 weeks. I've been told it's nothing painful for the dog but they don't feel comfortable which shows in charlie's case with vomiting. Which some dogs do, my vet said. My vet said it effects a lot dogs, especially the smaller ones and often Beagles, my dog is half Beagle. The vet wanted to show and explain me how exactly to do it at home but i am too scared to do something wrong so i take him to the vet to be on the safe side. I wont take him to the groomer anymore ever to get it done. At my last visit another vet told me to think about getting the glands removed which i did research too and that's the last thing i want to do. And no, i never tried any kind of raw meat or bones yet. I wish there would be  a wonder drug and it would go away.
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This is a very appropriate topic. I had a bit of a problem with my dog with the anal glad but it was a food allergy. She only scoots when her anal gland is brothering her. My vet also taught me how to empty it externally. I know for my girl it is important for her stool to be a bit harder which will empty the gland with her bowl movement, and  seems to have totally taken care of the problem.

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