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Designer Mixes

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It is so nice to have a web site that is being supportive and true to dogs and their beauty no matter what their pedigree. My designer dog is a third generation Cock-A-Mo, her parents and grandparents are Cock-A-Mos. We have the information of her past and when the orginal mixes occurred. My dog lives in the moment and only sees all dogs as dogs not pedigrees.

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I'm glad for this forum as well.   However, I wish there were more traffic. Several areas I've visited here haven't been posted in since 2009. =/
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I too feel the way you do but I am not going to give up. Maybe others are not posting because it is not busy and or their posts are not being answered. It is my hope that as new people register they will stay involved and begin posting more often if there is a reply.
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Welcome to you both! Yes, our forums are a bit slow as far as responses. We do have several regulars but they do not post everyday! Please continue to post your questions, answers, comments, etc! We love to hear from our members!
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Thank you for your welcome. Hopefully over time I will get to know some of the regulars.

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