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Discussions > General Topics > General Discussions > Is This Forum Always This Quiet?

Is This Forum Always This Quiet?

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I decided to put this in general.  I definitely love the (idea) of having a designer dog forum to access. However, every time I have been here (which has been daily for a few days now) it is only me and one other person posting.  Generally I come here when my puppy is sleeping.  It helps me stay distracted (otherwise I want to go in there and wake her up, which isn't healthy for her).
...I'm just wondering if this place is always this "unpopulated" and quiet? Does anyone know of another forum like this one where it's busier and more talkative?

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This is not a really busy forum right now but if we both keep trying maybe we can get more discussion going. I have not been a member for very long, but I know I have much to learn and would to hear for other dog owners.
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Yes, unfortunately it is quiet but please keep discussing!
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You can count on me. I always have questions and love to hear what others have to say or think.

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