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Discussions > Food & Nutrition > Treats > Warning that came out for certain purina and del monty dog treats (milk bone and beggin strips)

Warning that came out for certain purina and del monty dog treats (milk bone and beggin strips)

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i have posted the link to an article about treats to look out for that are mostly from Purina and Del Monty. I do not feed these to my dogs nor have i ever and i do not allow people to feed them to my dogs. i know a few people who do feed these and i have passed the information on to them. please take a second to read this article. DO NOT FEED THESE TO YOUR DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for this very valuable information. I am sure many people on this web site know by now I have a dog with a touch stomach and am very picky on what she gets. I must tell you the story about an incident we had with milk bones. I did not give her the milk bones but they were included as part of an Halloween Dog Party game. The dogs bobbed for the milk bone in water. Unfortunately my dog not only got the milk bone but she ate not 1 but 3. A day later she got very sick with diarrhea, vomiting and refusing to eat. We took her to our Vet right way. It took all of November and December to get over this problem. The chemicals in the milk bones destroyed all the flora in her digestive track and she had to be on medication and flora for 2 months in order for every thing to totally settle down. Our Vet at that time also informed us of other dog treats to totally stay away from which are included on the list of the suggestion reading web site you posted.

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