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Beware of the dog sign

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Where can i get a beware of the bullkita sign?? or somewhere that could make me one? would love some answers, ebay doesnt have any and that usually has everything !

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since they are just starting to come out with designer stuff like calanders and car stickers and what not there are only a few designer breed items out there and they are usually the more popular ones like puggles and labradoodles and what not although i have found quite a few pinneranian items on google. you probably have to go to a place that makes them. you might have to google it or go to yahoo answers and someone might be able to help you. also maybe find out the maker of the signs and see if they have a website???
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How about making the sign yourself and getting it laminated? You must have some computer skills and with all the resources available for free on the Internet you could make a wonderful sign yourself. If you want it over sized you could save your design and go to Staples or a copy shop and they could make it any size you want for just a couple of dollars. It would be customized and fun to do.

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