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Hello Everyone!

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I'm Marcie Jae and a new member. My husband Les and I have 2 dogs, Max and Larry. I enjoy reading the articles on health issues and new designer breeds. We adopted Max who is a Standard Schnauser Mix last year. I haven't figured out what the "Mix" part of him is yet. And Larry is a Lab Mix adopted from a local shelter 5 years ago. We live out in the desert of Nevada.
I look forward to meeting and talking with you soon.

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Welcome to Designer Mixes. Thank for introducing yourself. I enjoyed see the pictures of Max and Larry. My dog's name is Khia she is a Cock-A-Mo I have pictures posted and a video check her out. I live in Ontario, Canada.
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WELCOME! your dogs are just so darn cute! you will find that everyone here is willing to help with any problems you may have or if you just have a general question. I live right next to Nevada in Northern California in the Sacramento area! so nice to meet you! hope you enjoy your stay here on the website :D :D
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MarcieJae I have not heard back from you. How is it going with Max and Larry?

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