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Discussions > Health > Dental Health > February is Animal Dental Health Month

February is Animal Dental Health Month

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Well here in Canada February is Animal Dental Health Month. I am most interested in learning more about Dog Dental Health and some of the good and bad experiences you have had with your dog's teeth. My dog's teeth are in great shape but she is only 2 years old. I want to keep her teeth healthy and clean and white as they are now for the rest of her life. So please share with me your experiences. There is always something new to learn or a special trick someone has used that is safe and good to know about. Please share.

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I just checked out some of the new dental spray and gel you can get for your dogs teeth. The product looks pretty impressive. What are your thoughts or experience with these items?
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it is dental health month here in california as well. that is how i won the boost bites from natures variety was on their facebook page. each day of this month they are handing them out to people they pick a winner every day and all you have to do is post a picture of your dogs pearly whites :D. dont be fooled by the spray that you put in your pets mouth. it does not do what it does on the commercial. yes it will help keep their breath fresh but it will not make teeth white once they are already stained.
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That is what I thought it is just another sales gimmick to get us to part with our money. Any thing that is too good to be true is probably not true.

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