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Discussions > Member Specific > New Members > Is my puppy a Chiweenie or something else?

Is my puppy a Chiweenie or something else?

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Hello everyone. :)
I am an American living in Mexico and we just adopted a dog from the shelter a couple days ago.  I've never owned a mixed breed before and am really wanting to know what she is.  Probably will be tempted to do a DNA test in the coming months. 
Anyway, the shelter thought she is 6 weeks old but if I had to guess I'd guess anywhere from 8-12.  She still has all her puppy teeth.  She's just over 5 lbs and quite a bit underweight and wormy (working on it).   She has a ridiculously skinny tail, almost rat-like. 
My guess would be a chiweenie, or similar.  Unless she grows a lot more.  She seems petite though.  Although, being in Mexico she could be a complete mixed bag. What do you think she is?


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She is beautiful. I am not going to guess because I am not too great at that kind of guessing. I did really love the pictures. Welcome to our designer mixes site. I am looking forward to hear many puppy stories and getting to know you.
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a lot of my friends own chiweenies and that doesnt look like one to me. they have the daschund body but with chihuahua ears that stand straight up. i dont know what is in that mix but i would not suggest spending the money on a breed DNA test because they do not work at all. a lady did a breed test on her BOB (best of breed) winning show dog and it came pack border collie and something else (the dog was an american staffordshire terrier) so dont waste your money on those things. your dog is SUUUUUPER cute and that is ALL that matters.

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