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Not sure about the site

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I joined last night and Im having a little trouble with using the site.  It will not let me play them games and sometimes it will even take me all the way out of the internet completely.. The pictures do  not show up til the next day and then again some will show up right away.. I have a little trouble navagating the page too. Alot of people dont have where you can write on their puppy pad and some dont have pictures...There is alot on this site but im not sure what is active and what is not...Where do you go for the up to date posts and so forth...Also worried if this is a legit site and getting virus's . Thank you

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Welcome to you and your  puppy to the designer mixes web site. Sometime it is busy here and other times it is very slow. Have you posted any pictures of your puppy yet? If you go to breeds and enter your mix you will be able to see if there are other owners with the same mix on this site. I look forward to getting to know you and see pictures and hearing stories about your puppy. There is lots of good reading and great information. I live in Ontario, Canada. Where are you from?
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I just checked it out and saw pictures of Midnight and Rust Bear very nice. I bet it is lots of fun in your house when they get going.
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For the past month there has been some problem with this web site. I am not sure when the administrator is going to get the issues repaired. It does take sometime when you post pictures and videos to be available. I think it is because they are checked to make sure the content is about dogs. I am not sure why you are having access problems. You can read information without signing in but to post or blog you need to sign in. I hope this helps. I am sure others will provide some suggestions to help you.
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you have to sign in everytime to see updated posts. lately the site has had some glitches were you used to be able to see your photos right away and now it takes time....i havnt heard from the creater of the page in quite some time now regarding the problems. i dont know who is running the site but they are not doing a great job at keeping up with it. there are a few regulars here and some people will just come here to post pictures and wont even say a word. this site is pretty slow but its a good site to be at :D welcome to the group and i hope you stick around.

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