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new here!

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hello, obviously im new. i thought it would be fun to join this. i have several mix breeds. Maxamillion (Max/Maxy) is a german shepherd husky mix, Cole is a pitbull lab mix, im guessing Christmas is a (definatley know she's a pitbull) pitbull english bull terrier (the indent from her nose to the skull isnt so, er, right angle-ish as most normal scull breeds, im also guesing something else cause she has one blue eye and one brown eye). and finaly Milo! im saving up my money cause i know he has at least 4-5+ breeds in him (and evil/anoying/manipulative/possesive, i can go on, he's the most stuborn ive dealt with).  well, i am planning to be an animal breeder and want to make the best breeds (already hitting the books!) but my ultimate goal is to make the ultimate japanese dog breed!@import url(;

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Welcome to Designer Mixes. This is not a very busy site but there are some regulars who are very knowledgeable people. Sounds like you have a house full of dogs.
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Breeding dogs is an EXPENSIVE hobby. and a LOT of time and care go into. a lot of people breed dogs thinking they are going to make tons of money off the puppies when in reality, you dont make ANY money off the pups if done PROPERLY. I hate backyard breeders that just slap any two dogs together and call it a day. dogs are not ATM machines. you need to get health testing done on ALL breeding stock to make sure they are healthy enough and you have to have xrays done so you know how many pups to expect....for in times you are supposed to have 8 pups and only 7 come out, one can be dead inside and be rotting away and will end up killing the mom. xrays are VERY important to have done.
welcome to the group none the less. hope you enjoy it.

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