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Breeding my husky

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I have a one year old female husky and she is just coming into her first heat. My brother has a 5 year old full bred golden. I would like to breed them but would like to get some info out here in this forum. Anyone have any advice?

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Hello, I am not a breeder but I have read that it is best to wait until the female is at least 2 years old for her health and to make sure she is fully grown and developed before trying to carry and give birth to a litter. Other than that I cannot help much, sorry. Good Luck if you do breed them and let us know how everything goes.
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Thanks for the input. I am still on the fence about breeding her just yet. She was just a year old on July 14th and is still just a pup herslef. I probably will wait until she gets a bit older. We have three other dogs, a beagle and two black labs and she is soooo different than those breeds. This is my first experience with a northern breed. She seems to be taking alot longer to mature than the other dogs did.

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