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Toilet Training A New Puppy

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Hi there I'm the Newbie from Oz and I'm getting a new Maltese x Shih Tzu pup in about 2 weeks. I haven't had a puppy for many years so any tips on toilet training please. I had a pup as a child and Mum would rub the dog's nose in it but I always thought that was cruel so there has to be a much better way hey!?!

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Welcome! Aw you are going to have a great him. Can't wait to see picture of your new little darling. After receiving several questions about potty training this week, I have just posted a new article on how to potty train a new puppy. You are welcome to check it out and hopefully it will help [:D] [url]/Dog_Articles/18/Potty_Training_Your_Puppy.aspx[/url]
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I have (2) 5 week old Maltipoos and I have place the training pads at the door of their cage and they already will not soil their beds, they can barely walk but they go over the pads and do their business. I plan to place the pads outside the cage when they are a little older, and then by the back door, and then eventually in the yard. I have done this with all my pups and never had a problem with potty training, scolding the dog and putting their nose in their business is just upsetting to the animal, they want to sleep in a clean area just like we do, so provide the pads for them and replace them often and you will have no problems. It works every time for me.

Thanks Mickey. I did buy a box of 100 puppy pads and I'll take your advice about using them. Seems much nicer than scolding and punishing the puppy. Sands I did check out the article on Potty Training and have saved it for future reference. Thanks guys [:D]

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